Ways to Get Connected or Involved

The past year has certainly been strange, primarily meeting online with a few small gatherings here and there. This summer we plan to start experimenting with more options for gathering within our 3-phased reopening guidelines. We’ll communicate about those through our weekly newsletter, on Sunday mornings, and the online calendar available here.

Weekly Newsletter — the best way to have the latest information about Shalom, community announcements, and worship information.

Shalom Directory & Database — Shalom attendees and members are welcome to join our online directory in order to have contact info for other Shalomers, as well as to share or update your own. If you do not have a login or have forgotten it, please contact our office.

Calendar of Events — A brief glimpse of what’s coming up.

Fall Retreat – Always the weekend after Labor Day, Shalom’s Fall Retreat is a key annual gathering connecting after the summer, meeting new and familiar friends, and resting in the lovely setting of the Highland Retreat Center.

Small Groups — Shalom’s small groups are varied and organic in their makeup. If you have an interest in forming or joining a new or existing group, contact one of our pastors.

Covenant Month — Every October, Shalom renews our covenant with each other in an annual ritual during worship paired with a survey inviting updated information about you and your interests and gifts.

Team & Committee Work — Shalom’s collective journey inward and outward wouldn’t happen without the efforts of leadership by the congregation itself through these teams and committees.